Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Fun Aside -'s GUNstruction - UPDATE 14 FEB 2014 - I did not win. Not even Top 10.

Ever since released the GUNstruction program online, I have spent many hours designing ARs. It has become a lot of fun. They are releasing more and more parts with each update. They have also been having a contest where you design an AR within certain parameters and if you win, then the sponsor will build it for you.

Here have been some of my entries:

 My Rhodesian Homage Rifle

 My FN-FAL in grey homage rifle

 A gunfighting carbine in grey

 Another variation of the above design

 I call this one the Pugio

 This is the DeSPR or Despair for short. It was specifically designed to mate with the Primary Arms 1-6x scope. Link here.

I call this the "Tosh" after the character Tosh from the movie The Wild Geese.


Didn't win. Not even top 10. Oh well, there were over 3,000 entries. I am disappointed though.

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